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Guillotine Shear Knives

We are proud that we have always managed to help our customers gain a correct shear blade which gives the maximum life per edge and thus less downtime.

Strict Survey before Production

It is extremely important for a metalworking knife to be out of a correct mateiral and made with correct hardness. Before we submit a quote or initiate production,we always make sure of cutting or shearing details like metals to be sheared,shearing thickness,working frequency etc.

Most of our competitors do butted or joined fabrication. Furthermore, our facilities enables us to handle the most complicated models in this industry.
In terms of maximum length for a shear knife,our capacity can get up to 7 meters or 275 inches, no segment ,in a single part.


Besides continuous shear blade in single piece,we are also carrying carbide inserted or carbide inlaid knives with brazed or bolted edges to seeking a balance for the sake of the best cutting efficiency and the most savings.


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